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Resume for Gordon H. Hart, P.E.

Mr. Hart is a mechanical engineer with technical expertise in the thermal sciences: heat transfer and fluid dynamics.  He has extensive experience with thermal insulation systems including performing insulation appraisals, specifying and evaluating thermal insulation systems for industrial and mechanical applications, specifying and evaluating insulation systems for building envelopes, and addressing root causes of insulation system failures.  He has worked in several capacities: currently as a consulting engineer, as an applications development engineer for an aerogel insulation manufacturer, as a research & development engineer for a major fiberglass insulation manufacturer, and as the technical services manager for a major industrial insulation contractor.  He is a regular contributor to the industry magazine for the National Insulation Association, Insulation Outlook.  Mr. Hart has also served as an expert witness in litigation and has spoken about the benefits of mechanical insulation at government legislative committees.


Mr. Hart is an active member of ASTM C16 on Thermal Insulation, ASTM F25.02 on Marine Insulation, ASHRAE’s Technical Committees 1.8 - Insulation for Mechanical Systems and TC 10.3 - Refrigerant Piping, Controls, and Accessories. Mr. Hart earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Princeton University and a Master of Science in Engineering from Purdue University.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer.


Recent Work Experience


Artek Engineering, LLC

  • President and engineering consultant to the mechanical insulation industry

  • Major Accomplishments:

    • Assisted in the development and patenting a new thermal insulation system for pipe components on HVAC systems

    • Performed numerous energy analyses for insulation systems

    • Assisted in the development of computer models to perform hygrothermal analyses of below ambient insulation systems (using WUFI)

    • Assisted clients make technical presentations to engineering firms and facility owners

    • Performed trouble shooting on completed projects, performed analyses of problems, and wrote summary reports

    • Performed evaluations of failed insulation systems

    • Assisted clients with development of ASTM specifications

    • Served as an Expert Witness in litigation involving failed mechanical insulation systems, quality assurance disputes, and asbestos containing insulation systems


Areas of Expertise


  • Thermal insulation appraisals

  • Thermal insulation material and system performance

  • Analyses of heat & mass transfer and fluid dynamics

  • Evaluation of insulation system performance

  • Technical writing such as Case Histories, White Paper, Installation Manuals

  • Writing and interpreting material & construction specifications

  • HVAC system design and evaluation

  • System energy analyses

  • Writing and evaluating Quality Assurance / Quality Control programs



  • Masters Degree in Engineering, Purdue University

  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Princeton University


Professional Memberships & Leadership Positions


  • ASTM International Committee C16 Thermal Insulation; Chair of Subcommittee C16.40 Insulation Systems, 2009 - 2015; Chair of several Task Groups

  • ASTM International Committee Chair, Subcommittee F25.02: Marine Insulation

  • ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers), Technical Committee 1.8 –Mechanical Systems Insulation, Chair, 2011 – 2013; Chair of the Research Subcommittee, 2018 – present;  member - Technical Committee 10.3 - Refrigerant Piping, Controls, and Accessories.

  • Registered Professional Engineer, State of Kansas, Number 11829.


Awards and Special Recognition


  • ASTM Award of Merit with the honorary title of Fellow (2013)

  • ASTM Committee C16 Award of Appreciation (received twice in 1992 and 2006)

  • ASTM Committee F25 John Haas Memorial Award (2018)


List available on request of Published Technical Articles and Speeches to Professional Organizations

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